The Renovo Wooden Bicycle

Posted on August 22nd 2009 5:46pm
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Need a beautifully designed high tech, high performing environmentally friendly bicycle? Forget carbon fiber, aluminum or titanium, get wood! That's right, high performance wooden bicycles from Portland based Renovo. These rare beauties starting at around $2,300, feature frames that are exquisitely hand-crafted from Black Walnut, Cedar, Hickory, Maple or Bamboo; and which rival most exotic materials for stiffness, fatigue life and weight.

As people become increasingly aware of the countless benefits of having a bicycle constructed from wood, the R4 Pursuit (shown above) just might become more commonplace on the workout trails then you think.

Here are some benefits of having a bicycle constructed out of wood...

- Lightweight; a frame weighs from 3.5 to 4.5 pounds--bikes, 16.5 to 20 pounds.

- A magically smooth ride thanks to wood's unique ability to absorb vibration--you feel the difference immediately.

- Stiffness to order: from carbon-stiff hickory and others, to the supple smoothness of laminated bamboo; you can tailor the stiffness and ride to what you want, not just what comes off a production line.

- The hardwood frame is remarkably tough. It easily withstands impacts that ruin butted metal or carbon frames.

- The fatigue life of wood rivals carbon and is substantially longer than aluminum or steel. The Renovo is an heirloom quality frame.

- The Renovo frame is environmentally friendly, with sustainable woods, bamboo and low VOC waterborne sealers and finishes


3 Responses to “The Renovo Wooden Bicycle”


I'm amazed at how well wood can stand up against other dynamic materials with desirable properties.


I admire the workmanship and skill that it must take to produce a bicycle like this. It really looks like a work of art, rather then a actual functioning device.


I find it hard to believe that this frame would be as robust as metal


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