The Martin Jetpack Flies Indoors

Posted on June 18th 2009 11:38pm
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After years of speculation and countless attempts by numerous individuals, the jetpack may finally be upon us. The Martin Jetpack, designed, engineered and built by the Martin Aircraft Company of New Zealand , recently released a video showing one its engineers performing a successful non-tethered, non-human assisted 1:20 minute flight performing varying flight maneuvers inside an indoor controlled test area. The video is extremely compelling and shows the viability of their design. Could this be a harbinger of things to come? The Aviation world will never be the same.

First seen in 2008 at the Oshkosh Air show in Wisconsin flying a few feet off the ground, the Martin Jetpack was extremely wobbly and required close attention by two human counterparts for stability and control. Fast forward almost a year and the difference is astounding, the Jetpack now demonstrates rock solid stability, full yaw, pitch and roll flight controls and human intervention no longer required. Perhaps, all that is left, is to have someone take off and disappear over the horizon; maybe at Oshkosh 2009?

Either way, we can’t wait…

Download The Martin Jetpack Specifications


14 Responses to “The Martin Jetpack Flies Indoors”


The jetpack is long in coming, I'm surprised it took so much time to develop. With all the rapid advances in computers, materials and engines, you'd think we would have seen this years earlier.


what fuel is used. If it pollutes the air forget about it even if the engineering is solved


I believe the fuel is a high grade gasoline. If environmental concerns become paramount, the engines could be modified to use a bio-fuel based on switch grass or eventually in the near future the engine could be swapped out and replaced with a hydrogen based fuel cell....the possibilities are endless, its just the beginning....


As cool as this is, what would be the main use for it...was it developed for entertainment purposes or used out in the streets instead of cars...I am not sure what it's use is


The main purpose would be recreation but eventially it could become a viable means of transportation.


as the technology progresses the size of the jet pack should shrink while the range and performance increase.


This has been coming since the world fair in the 60's, I'm surprised that is even took this long.


it seems from the video that this company has pretty much got it down pat.


The rumor behind the video is that they were demonstarting its perfomance to a big investor was sitting just off camera.


a few months back the company was getting criticized for having not flown the jet pack on its own. I'm just wondering when they're going to have a real flight above the crowds


I think a long and high public demonstration flight is coming soon...very soon


I cant wait till these are avaliable. Good bye traffic!....untill everyone gets one.


the jet pack is huge... maybe in a few years people will come out with something smaller.


as the technology progresses, the jetpack will definitely shrink in size and become more efficient...


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