Sanyo Solar Cell Breaks World Record

Posted on May 22nd 2009 10:24am
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SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. (SANYO) announced today that it has broken its own record for the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency in practical size (100 cm2 or more) crystalline silicon-type solar cells, achieving a efficiency of 23.0% (until now 22.3%) at a research level for its proprietary HIT solar photovoltaic cells.

With this breakthrough the advancement of Solar engery as a viable solution to the world's energy requirements becomes more of a reality. It's only a matter for time before the power produeced from a given amount of solar cells in a given area matches current methods in use today.


6 Responses to “ Sanyo Solar Cell Breaks World Record ”


are these like solar panels used on homes


I've been hearing about solar energy for 30 years. Maybe it will be good for certain limited applications where large amounts of power aren't required. It still is very expensive compared to other forms of energy. How about posting gizmos like small nuclear power plants that are buried underground and produce enough electricity to run a small city cheaply and efficiently


Hey Whitefeather, where's your response to my comment


I agree that solar has been on the horizon for decades and it sill has some inherent problems that are tough to overcome etc., but I do believe that recent breakthroughs are pushing the technology into the mainstream faster then ever before. There are many homes across America that are now off the grid and generating their own power using solar energy. This was unheard of just a few years ago. I'm not sure why President Obama doesn’t push Nuclear power more, it really is the quickest, safest and cleanest way to rid us of our oil dependence. If they doubled the amount of reactors we have from our current number of approx 102 to 200, we would be able to supply greater than 40 percent of our electricity with “zero” emissions.


Obama is against nuclear power. The radical environmentalists that support him are against nuclear power. Many countries in the world are going full speed ahead with nuclear power. Why don't we


Fact: France has over 85 nuclear power plants, that are completely safe, and they basically power their entire country. The only reason that people are afraid of nuclear power is 1, because most of them are ignorant, 2 the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which it has been proved that the plant was not built correctly.


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