Boeing Phantom Ray UAV

Posted on May 8th 2009 1:57pm
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The Boeing X-45C UAV will finally fly next year. Boeing anncouned the new "Phantom Ray" test bed based on the unflown X-45C airframe will perform a series of 10 flights starting in 2010. The Phantom Ray test bed is not focused at any particular program or competition.


10 Responses to “ Boeing Phantom Ray UAV ”


we should create a whole Air Force based on drones just like they did in Star Wars ..why send in a manned plane anymore, theres no need to risk any human life anymore


this plane will fly itself If so that is a great thing, it will save so many lives.........


forget un-maned aircraft, they should just make 10,000 Asimo and give them each an M4!!!!!!!!




is this plane supposed to be better than the STELTH and the B2


Yes, this plane will be stealthier ... having no pilot they can mkae the aircraft super skinny thereby giving it no cross section...this in turn makes it much harder to detect


And this is a perfect example for why America is on the top and is the strongest country. No other country has this type of technology. We will continue to dominate the battlefield.


i saw this drone in one of the boeing commercials! it looked awesome!!!!!


I wouldn't want to see this thing coming at me if I were a terrorist. I read that the most feared weapon we have are these drones. Thank God we have these weapons and not the terrorists.


The Boeing X-45C has some shape characteristics of the F-117 but smoother contours the air intake very similar to the former Boeing X-36 likely employing the pulse jet characteristics from the X-36 so it will have acoustical stealth characteristics as well as radar stealth. Stealth airframes have to carry ore dance internally. If the weapon system becomes operational we will learn more about reconnaissance and ordnance configurations. With two men standing on the right side wing area it is not a small airframe.


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