The Amazing Burj Dubai Tower

Posted on May 8th 2009 1:16pm
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Contruction continues on the supertall skyscraper the 'Burj Dubai' of the United Arab Emirates. As of April, 2009 work continues on the very upper portion of the US$4.1 billion tower. It currently stands as the tallest structure ever built in all of history when it topped out back in January 2009 at a height of 818m (2,684 ft). When completed in Septemeber 2009, It will have an estimated 160 habitable floors and approximately 3,595,100 sq ft of floor area.


8 Responses to “ The Amazing Burj Dubai Tower ”


I wonder how long the elevator ride to the top is


I don't think I would want to live or work on the upper floors. I would imagine there would be a great deal of sway, very scary!


wow, I just watched the video, very cool..and very high!


Its almost twice as hight as the Empire State Building, that is truly amazing ...


this building is really really tall!!!!!!!!!!!


And the really crazy thing is that they have another third of the building left to build!!


imagine walking up to the top on stairs,it wuold take like three days and by the time you get to the top you'll be dead!!


I wouldnt want to fall off of that buiding!


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